Joining TVC

Do all your teams have to be in an official league? 

Before you start to make plans for next season, please consider joining the Thames Valley Hockey Conference.  The SCHC needs your club.

The SCHC is (primarily, although not exclusively!) men’s hockey for local veterans or club’s lower and developmental XIs.  Teams comprise of both dedicated vets sides and teams with a mixture of all ages (typically 40-70 yrs + with some breakthrough colts) and ailments.

Your club would benefit with a side playing local competitive hockey but without the constraints of a league.  There are so many advantages.

  • A full season’s fixtures are confirmed in July each year
  • Local teams to cut travel costs and time
  • Flexibility –  on the day team levelling / umpiring
  • Internal ‘Emergency fixtures’ contact
  • Ease of organisation helping overworked Fixture Secretaries
  • No fees – it’s free.

In fact, when a fixture can’t be played due to league constraints, you’ll find that a TVC fixture can, so your players will get value for their subs!

All the teams are around the same level so good games are assured.

Please give us a call and we’ll fill in any blanks you may have. It’s difficult changing from a known quantity, but we had 11 ‘local’ clubs last year so we must be doing something right.

We can send you the SCHC Introduction Pack which has all the details.

Many thanks, Steve Edwards & David Barnes

Steve | h: 01483 728188  |  m: 07789 611 944 |


David | h:020 88913929 | m:07710 061081