FixturesLive Overview

The spirit of the TVC is that we don’t focus on the league or points element, we just get a game on, followed by a social.

FixturesLive provides functionality for Captains and FixturesLive Club Administrators to create and share fixtures, locations, start times, team members, goalscorers, results and contact info.  This is in a similar way to emails, spreadsheets, club websites and ‘Teamer’ but in one central place.

Other fixtures arranged outside of the TVC fixture list by your club’s Fixtures Secretary can also be blended into your team view to fill spare dates, giving you a complete season view on one webpage. Using FixturesLive to generate and publish fixtures at the start of the season will make managing the TVC simpler, sharing info between member teams and distributing info among your players will be less demanding.

As the spirit of the TVC is about game first, bar social second, league positions last, recording results is optional.  The results part is very much just for fun and perhaps some bar kudos.

To manage your fixtures via FixturesLive;

1) Fixtures will be generated and published as per usual at the start of each season.

2) (Create a) login to FixturesLive

3) Ensure you are listed as the team ‘Captain’ or a ‘Club Admin’ user

4) Search for ‘TVC’ or ‘Thames Valley Conference’

5) Update home locations, times, team info & results (optional).

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