2013-14 Fixtures

Please arrange start times direct with clubs.

Week Date Fixtures
Week 1 5th October Teddington Tigers v Reading Retros
Week 1 5th October The Wrinklies v Camberley Owls
Week 1 5th October Maidenhead Merlins v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 1 5th October Woking Warriors v Thames Valley
Week 1 5th October Wimbledonians v Spare
Week 1 5thOctober Marlow Strollers v Slough
Week 2 12th October Teddington Tigers v Slough
Week 2 12th October Thames Valley v Marlow Strollers
Week 2 12th October Spare v Woking Warriors
Week 2 12th October Sunbury Red Lions v Wimbledonians
Week 2 12th October Camberley Owls v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 2 12th October Reading Retros v The Wrinklies
Week 3 19th October Slough v Thames Valley
Week 3 19th October The Wrinklies v Teddington Tigers
Week 3 19th October Maidenhead Merlins v Reading Retros
Week 3 19th October Woking Warriors v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 3 19th October Wimbledonians v Camberley Owls
Week 3 19th October Marlow Strollers v Spare
Week 4 26th October Teddington Tigers v Thames Valley
Week 4 26th October The Wrinklies v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 4 26th October Spare v Slough
Week 4 26th October Sunbury Red Lions v Marlow Strollers
Week 4 26th October Camberley Owls v Woking Warriors
Week 4 26th October Reading Retros v Wimbledonians
Week 5 2nd November Thames Valley v Spare
Week 5 2nd November Slough v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 5 2nd November Maidenhead Merlins v Teddington Tigers
Week 5 2nd November Woking Warriors v Reading Retros
Week 5 2nd November Wimbledonians v The Wrinklies
Week 5 2nd November Marlow Strollers v Camberley Owls
Week 6 9th November Teddington Tigers v Spare
Week 6 9th November The Wrinklies v Woking Warriors
Week 6 9th November Maidenhead Merlins v Wimbledonians
Week 6 9th November Sunbury Red Lions v Thames Valley
Week 6 9th November Camberley Owls v Slough
Week 6 9th November Reading Retros v Marlow Strollers
Week 7 16th November Thames Valley v Camberley Owls
Week 7 16th November Slough v Reading Retros
Week 7 16th November Spare v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 7 16th November Woking Warriors v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 7 16th November Wimbledonians v Teddington Tigers
Week 7 16th November Marlow Strollers v The Wrinklies
Week 8 23rd November Teddington Tigers v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 8 23rd November The Wrinklies v Slough
Week 8 23rd November Maidenhead Merlins v Marlow Strollers
Week 8 23rd November Wimbledonians v Woking Warriors
Week 8 23rd November Camberley Owls v Spare
Week 8 23rd November Reading Retros v Thames Valley
Week 9 30th November Thames Valley v The Wrinklies
Week 9 30th November Slough v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 9 30th November Spare v Reading Retros
Week 9 30th November Woking Warriors v Teddington Tigers
Week 9 30th November Sunbury Red Lions v Camberley Owls
Week 9 30th November Marlow Strollers v Wimbledonians
Week 10 7th December Teddington Tigers v Camberley Owls
Week 10 7th December The Wrinklies v Spare
Week 10 7th December Maidenhead Merlins v Thames Valley
Week 10 7th December Woking Warriors v Marlow Strollers
Week 10 7th December Wimbledonians v Slough
Week 10 7th December Reading Retros v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 11 14th December Thames Valley v Wimbledonians
Week 11 14th December Slough v Woking Warriors
Week 11 14th December Spare v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 11 14th December Sunbury Red Lions v The Wrinklies
Week 11 14th December Camberley Owls v Reading Retros
Week 11 14th December Marlow Strollers v Teddington Tigers
Week 12 11th January Thames Valley v Woking Warriors
Week 12 11th January Slough v Marlow Strollers
Week 12 11th January Spare v Wimbledonians
Week 12 11th January Sunbury Red Lions v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 12 11th January Camberley Owls v The Wrinklies
Week 12 11th January Reading Retros v Teddington Tigers
Week 13 18th January Slough v Teddington Tigers
Week 13 18th January The Wrinklies v Reading Retros
Week 13 18th January Maidenhead Merlins v Camberley Owls
Week 13 18th January Woking Warriors v Spare
Week 13 18th January Wimbledonians v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 13 18th January Marlow Strollers v Thames Valley
Week 14 25th January Teddington Tigers v The Wrinklies
Week 14 25th January Thames Valley v Slough
Week 14 25th January Spare v Marlow Strollers
Week 14 25th January Sunbury Red Lions v Woking Warriors
Week 14 25th January Camberley Owls v Wimbledonians
Week 14 25th January Reading Retros v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 15 1st February Thames Valley v Teddington Tigers
Week 15 1st February Slough v Spare
Week 15 1st February Maidenhead Merlins v The Wrinklies
Week 15 1st February Woking Warriors v Camberley Owls
Week 15 1st February Wimbledonians v Reading Retros
Week 15 1st February Marlow Strollers v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 16 8th February Teddington Tigers v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 16 8th February The Wrinklies v Wimbledonians
Week 16 8th February Spare v Thames Valley
Week 16 8th February Sunbury Red Lions v Slough
Week 16 8th February Camberley Owls v Marlow Strollers
Week 16 8th February Reading Retros v Woking Warriors
Week 17 15th February Thames Valley v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 17 15th February Slough v Camberley Owls
Week 17 15th February Spare v Teddington Tigers
Week 17 15th February Woking Warriors v The Wrinklies
Week 17 15th February Wimbledonians v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 17 15th February Marlow Strollers v Reading Retros
Week 18 22nd February Teddington Tigers v Wimbledonians
Week 18 22nd February The Wrinklies v Marlow Strollers
Week 18 22nd February Maidenhead Merlins v Woking Warriors
Week 18 22nd February Sunbury Red Lions v Spare
Week 18 22nd February Camberley Owls v Thames Valley
Week 18 22nd February Reading Retros v Slough
Week 19 1st March Thames Valley v Reading Retros
Week 19 1st March Slough v The Wrinklies
Week 19 1st March Spare v Camberley Owls
Week 19 1st March Woking Warriors v Wimbledonians
Week 19 1st March Sunbury Red Lions v Teddington Tigers
Week 19 1st March Marlow Strollers v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 20 8th March Teddington Tigers v Woking Warriors
Week 20 8th March The Wrinklies v Thames Valley
Week 20 8th March Maidenhead Merlins v Slough
Week 20 8th March Wimbledonians v Marlow Strollers
Week 20 8th March Camberley Owls v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 20 8th March Reading Retros v Spare
Week 21 15th March Thames Valley v Maidenhead Merlins
Week 21 15th March Slough v Wimbledonians
Week 21 15th March Spare v The Wrinklies
Week 21 15th March Sunbury Red Lions v Reading Retros
Week 21 15th March Camberley Owls v Teddington Tigers
Week 21 15th March Marlow Strollers v Woking Warriors
Week 22 22nd March Teddington Tigers v Marlow Strollers
Week 22 22nd March The Wrinklies v Sunbury Red Lions
Week 22 22nd March Maidenhead Merlins v Spare
Week 22 22nd March Woking Warriors v Slough
Week 22 22nd March Wimbledonians v Thames Valley
Week 22 22nd March Reading Retros v Camberley Owls