About the SCHC


Founded in 2001 by Steve Edwards of Camberley & Farnborough Hockey club, the Thames Valley Conference is now in its 13th successful year.

The idea was simple… it is about regular, fun hockey with a significant socialising element, usually involving jugs of beer.

Steve retired from hockey at the end of the 2013-14 season but will remain an honorary member and help coordinate fixtures going forward.  The legacy of the TVC will live on with the help and support of member clubs.

How is the ‘SCHC’ run?

  • By an organising committee of member clubs
  • Fixtures issued in about July before the next season starts
  • Annual contact list provided with names, numbers, e-mail addresses, club colours, etc.
  • Teams play each other home and away
  • The team representatives contact each other 2 weeks before the fixture to confirm arrangements
  • Where possible, umpire to be provided from each side (can be an official umpire or player)
  • Short of players? Should you cancel? Ring the opposition and see if the sides can be evened out
  • No restriction on age, ability or sex.  If you want a game, just play.

Playing Hockey Is The Name Of The Game

First and foremost in the TVC ensuring you are getting a game of hockey will take priority over beating an understrength side or not having a fixture at all.  So, to get games on, member clubs will even sides out before the start if a team is short of players, or perhaps agree to one umpire.  Triangular or 3-way games will be arranged if one team does not have an opposition for that week.

Emergency Fixtures Contact

Sadly, in a league or not, sometimes games are cancelled.  The Conference provides several ways to secure additional fixtures.  We also have contacts with other leagues to ensure you have the best chance to play every week.

Team of the Year

At the end of every season, member clubs vote for their Team of the Year.  This is the team who were the best on the pitch… and in the bar.  The Trophy is presented to the ‘new’ winners by the previous winners at the first match of the new season.

This Website

As part of helping to co-ordinate the SCHC, the content of this website is provided by Steve Edwards.  For updates or suggestions please contact info@tvchockey.co.uk.