A note about joining the TVC


With your Club’s AGM on the horizon, please take a minute to read about joining the Thames Valley Hockey Conference.

The TVC would like more teams for season 2015/2016.

The ‘TVC’ is men’s hockey for :

  • Vets
  • Mixed ability
  • New teams

TVC has the benefits of :

  • A full season’s fixtures
  • Local teams to cut travel costs
  • Flexibility – on the day team levelling / umpiring
  • Internal ‘Emergency fixtures’ contact
  • No fees – it’s free.

It’s competitive on the pitch, but then social afterwards. All the teams are around the same level so good games are assured.

Please call or email info@tvchockey.co.uk and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

Thanks Steve Edwards (TVC Committee)

01572 748659

07789 611944